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Your contribution is what keeps Plastic Continents alive and striving. It can be a small or big, monthly or a one time donation, which ever you choose we are grateful and appreciative. Everything you see on this website has been created out of passion, perseverance, hard work, dedication, and hope to make a difference in reducing our plastic pollution. We understand times are tough, and life has its moments that can be fruitful and other times dry. Like we mentioned earlier, everything you see here on is to make sure there is at least one nonprofit organization out there who will spread awareness, research on the actualities plastic pollution presents, find solutions, and provide alternatives. In the last five years, we have developed from a passionate college assignment, to a nonstop working nonprofit. Our next step is to become a recognized 501(c)(3)! Through your donations, we will be able to attain that goal a lot faster than anticipated. Plastic Continents thanks you for caring and trying to make this world better by reducing plastic waste. Single use plastic, plastic pollution, and the reduction of plastic waste should be just as important as climate change, #metoo, All lives matter, and deforestation. If you agree, help us keep fighting for our cause and mission by helping us keep going!


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