July Challenge : #plasticfree For one month!

To celebrate the month of July, the right way, Plastic Continents dares you to take the #goingplasticfree Challenge! For an entire month, try to avoid using anything that has or involves plastic! It sounds easy, but we assure you it is not! Use the hashtags #goingplasticfree #plasticfree #plasticcontinents or even #plasticfreejulychallenge to get featured on our website. #challenge #plasticcontinents #solutions #spreadingawareness #plasticfreeissexy #iphoneart

Donate to keep cause going!

You might wonder: “Why should I donate?” or “Why should I donate with Plastic Continents?” Well let me tell you why you should donate here, instead of all the other nonprofits, organization, charities, groups, and clubs out there. Plastic Continents believes in a couple of things. First: our mission and vision. Mission: Plastic Continents inspires, equips and …