Want to be found for making the extra effort in being Eco-Friendly? 

Let Plastic Continents map you on our EcoMap, Today!

If you have a Eco-Friendly, Self-sustaining, farm to table, no plastic, establishment, let us map you today!

Contact us Today, and get Mapped for others to seek you out for your efforts in reducing plastic pollution! 



Our goal on plastic continents is to inspire change to reduce our plastic footprint and pollution. We have come up with the idea of building an ECO Map.

This ECO Map, is to make it user friendly for those who want to dine, eat, buy, from those who are making the extra effort in being part of the cause in reducing plastic waste, or waste in general. The only way we can keep growing is by having your business be a part of our map.

If you believe the description below suits you, send us an email so we can map you on our ECO Map.

-You do not hand out plastic straws

-You do not give out plastic bags

-Your to-go containers are biodegradable.

-Your utensils are not plastic

-You charge a small fee for plastic utensils

-You are a farm-to-table establishment

-You are a in-Season restaurant

-You serve your products in a glass jar

-You have put a system in place to recycle

-You have no waste

If you feel like you may or may not fit in any of these categories, please do not hesitate to email us.

If you are interested in switching your plastic products with an alternative, we can also provide you the right information for that switch!

Becoming an eco-friendly establishment, sounds intimidating and tough, but that is why Plastic Continents exist. We are here to facilitate the process in your switch of becoming Eco-Friendly.

We are a non-profit organization that has done research and have created contacts for the last five years, let us help you reduce your plastic footprint as soon as possible!