In the Bathroom

Toothbrush- Bamboo toothbrush!

q-tips- they say not to use q-tips but if you really need to have them to remove that water out of your ear after a nice shower, we recommend buying wooden q-tips!



We are currently reviewing Schmidt’s Signature Jar formula the Fragrance-Free, and we have to admit it’s been a solid two weeks of smelling-free happiness. The deodorant comes in a glass jar, and you must rub the paste in between your fingers to soften up into a paste, and then apply it to your armpits, but let us tell you it works! They have six flavors to choose from! You can buy it online on their store, or can be found in Tj Maxx, Target, Marshalls, Urban Outfitters, and even Macy’s!

shampoo and conditioner– We like to feature Plaine Products! Because your scalp will thank you for knowing what is entering your pores, and how you are cleaning out the excess of oil you have produced after several days!

body soap- Plaine Products as well! Using nothing but ingredients you recognize, know, and trust, their rosemary, mint, and vanilla formula will keep you smelling lovely and feeling clean without worrying what is penetrating your skin!

toothpaste- Check out the DIY Toothpaste