Your Role In Plastic Pollution

You may not think that you contribute to the Plastic Pollution, but we are here to perhaps make you realize that if you are not 100% waste-free and Plastic-free, you are definitely a part in today’s Plastic Phenomenon.

What is your routine?

Do you wake up, brush your teeth and then get ready for breakfast? Right there alone, most of us brush our teeth with a plastic toothbrush, use toothpaste that comes in a plastic tube, and floss our teeth with plastic dental floss. Brush your hair, is also most likely done with a plastic brush, use of any products are probably packaged in plastic tubs and jars, and if you shave you’re most likely doing it with throw away plastic razor blades and stem. And that’s just the beginning of your day.

Depending on if you live in the countryside or in the city, your routine after that may vary slightly. From coffee runs, to lunch breaks, our lifestyle and daily routines have somehow completely been overtaken by plastics. Single-use Plastic is plastic objects that are only use, yup you guessed it, once. Ranging from plastic bags, to to-go containers, these one-use items are some of the most found objects in beach clean ups around the world. They are also slowly becoming more aware as the objects that must be either banned or lawfully prohibited by some states around the country- Hey New York Just banned Plastic Bags! coffee cups, straws, etc… are next, hopefully!

It really all depends on you, the consumer(s).

In the last five years, #ecowarriors have made a rumble in the Plastic War. In the last two years alone, the awareness on plastic pollution has made a huge advance globally! Zero waste grocery stores in the Netherlands, Zero Waste Restaurants like Moku Roots in Maui, Hawaii, and a huge demand in organic and eco-friendly products are in rise!

It’s not time to stop fighting though. It’s truly only the beginning. Recycling facilities are still needed around the world. With China closing their trades with the United States, has created a massive stall in Global recycling. Which isn’t as negative as it all seems. It has made the U.S. to stop and reflect on the AMOUNT of Waste it truly produces, and must not only and finally account for, but find solutions to decrease it, re-purpose it, and Re-cycle it. The annual production of US Plastics is currently set for 2015. New (reliable) data has not yet been found.

The data below are from 1960 to 2015, relating to the total number of tons of plastics generated, recycled, composted, combusted with energy recovery and landfilled.

Management Pathway196019701980199020002005201020142015
Combustion with Energy Recovery1402,9804,1204,3304,5305,0105,350

Sources: American Chemistry Council and the National Association for PET Container Resources

So basically…. If you aren’t plastic free, you are DEFINITELY adding to these numbers, and part of the problem. BUT there are ways to help and make your plastic footprint a lot less impactful.

There are a few good inspirational quotes going around, and hits home: “We don’t need a handful of people doing Zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it Imperfectly.”

You got this. <3

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