Wear Blue Today for a Cause

Today we ask for you to be the change!  

Today is that day !

All you got to do is wear blue!

By wearing blue today, June 9th 2018, you will Be part of spreading awareness on our oceans wellbeing. Plastic pollution has been an issue we have been dealing with for over 25 years and for the first time, the entire world has been making incredible progress in bringing long lasting changes in this phenomenon. Plastic Continents has been working with March For Our Oceans in connecting the entire world together to march, and spread awareness on our oceans health and the importance in making sure it is well taken care of! For the past 6 months, we have spoken to over 100+ organizations, 25+ countries, and thousands of individuals to participate in today’s event.

Wear blue, share your knowledge with others, and feel the difference! Take a picture and tag it with any of these hashtags #m4o #i❤🌊 #plasticcontinents  and we will share it with everyone else!


Love you you all you fellow eco warriors ✨💕🌊✊🌐♻🐢

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