36 Days until March For Our Oceans!

36 days until March for Our Oceans.
I want to share this moment with you.

This is the Journey and story of Plastic Continents
and how we got March for our Oceans (M4O) to become an International event, instead of a National one. How Plastic Continents is connecting our world to see us as one.

and How Plastic Continents was able to get:
Paris- France,
Traganwan- Gili Island
Bohol- Philipines,
Bangkok- Thailand,
London- England,
Australia- Sydney

Nova Scotia
Cayman Islands


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I have to say it started about
11 years ago
My mother and I took a dear friend of mine at the time, Sara.
Sara lived in Key West, the last Island and City of the Florida Keys.
I grew up in Sugarloaf, Mile Marker 17, the 11th island heading up North on US1.
Sugarloafers are nicknamed the “upper keysers”. Our home at the time was in lower sugarloaf, not to be confused with the upper sugarloaf next to the Elementary and Middle School. It took us about a half hour commute, to head into the city.
But growing up on the island of Sugarloaf and its perks.
We lived on a canal. We had boats and the ocean as our garden. We were usually the ones to invited the Conchs, (Key Westers) to head out at sea on weekends, to post ourselves on sandbars and party until the sun went down, or the tides forced you to.

There’s a marina on Surgarloaf, a blinking light, a use to be Lodge and a strip of 6-7 stores with a firehouse by its side. Further down that road, there’s a private air strip and bat house that has since the hurricane been destroyed and erased for locals to remember.

So, like I was saying…. 11 years ago we went out on the boat.
It started out lovely, and quickly turned stormy and cloudy once we reached the Atlantic side of the Ocean. When we chose to go home, we stopped because of a turtle.

Little did I know, that turtle would change my life forever.
As we got closer to this beautiful creature, we were excited and filled with joy!
I felt proud that I could be a part of this moment with my friend and mother.
(my “I love turtles” kid in me is really coming out… haha sorry)
but the closer we got to it, the more it felt like something was wrong.
It wasn’t swimming freely and majestically like I had imagined it to do so, it looked sick, tired, and hurt.
We immediately chose to call Fish and wildlife rescue team and tell them what was going on. We could tell there was fishing line stuck to limbs, and it was half floating like it had ingested something toxic….we did our best to help her/him, but unfortunately the only thing we could do was hope F&W team could somehow help it….

I was hurt, heartbroken, and angry that that was all I could do….
I graduated from high school, went to Stetson University for Pre-med and my life kept moving forward in another direction, until one day, I was asked by one of my professors to do a “where will you be in five years project”.
Not able to answer that question, I told my professor there was no way I’d be able to do this project. He kindly accepted my truth and honesty and gave me another assignment to do instead.
“Teach us something, you think we do not know.”
I felt energized and compelled to do so. It became a mission. And as I sat staring at the blank page of google search bar engine…. I thought of the turtle.

I typed: “How many turtle death per year because of fishing line?” and then realized it wasn’t just turtles, dolphins, birds, and other sea creatures were affected by this. But then it wasn’t just fishing line, it was plastic bags, and plastic water bottles, and plastic EVERYTHING. My research then delved into who knew? for how long? why hasn’t anything been said? why hasn’t the government banned these products? what are the alternatives? where does plastic come from? how is plastic made? who makes plastic? who owns oil companies? How many oil companies are there? how much do oil companies make on their production of plastic? how much plastic is produced per year? How much plastic is recycled? Where does the plastic end up? can you see the plastic from space? BPA side effects? how? how? HOW?! Why? why? WHY?

and so Plastic Continents was created.

It became an obsession. I kept seeing us humans as a destructive species. I became angry. Hurt. and helpless at times. Thinking of every corner store, every cvs, walmarts, publix’s handing out plastic bags, and the consumption of plastic from the users perspectives. My art began to concentrate on this focus and realized the more I worked on this, the more it was leading me somewhere, here, now, Plastic Continents Founder, March for Our Oceans International Coordinator, responsible for connecting the world to see the bigger picture.

I am one single individual. I am no different than you. Can you imagine the potential we hold if we each follow our instinct in working together and for our world as a whole?

I share this story with you, because I am trying to make you feel like you are me, as I am you.
Because in the end, that is what it comes down to be.

I am a reflection of my environment. I have noticed that when i put my energy into Plastic Continents, I have created a movement, and joined a larger one, and have become a part of something bigger than myself.

As someone who has been doing research for the last 8 years, I have noticed that in the last 5 we have awakened. In the last 2 we have become aware, and in the last year alone, there is this under-consciousness of acceptance and wanting to evolve and work together for the better.

Fear is diminishing and hope is conquering, resulting in change that is positive and more balanced.
I feel like we have been mindlessly living for a while, and enough is enough. Life is a gift, and we deserve to enjoy it for its pure essentials. To live in a balanced state is goal, and the only way to do that is to look within yourself and fix all that is unbalanced. Only then can you project that harmonious lifestyle outward.

Everyday I teach someone new about plastic. Every single day I get closer to my goals and to my dreams. How? By teaching the lessons this journey has given me, to you.

I hope this inspires you♥
I hope this lets you think its not too late.
I wish you love and a happy Friday


Natacha Palay
Plastic Continent Founder
M4O International Coordinator

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