Key West is Bringing awareness to their Drains and Ocean’s wellbeing!

Yesterday, April 18th, 2018 was a great day for Key West Florida. The Drains were tagged, Legally, by the non-profit organization Reef Relief with the words ” No Dumping. Drains to Ocean” with the image of a dolphin separating both sentences. This little act will surely bring a great impact to any visitors, local, or international tourists to think twice about their impact on the beautiful island of Key West. Our culture, nowadays, is a lot more visual than those with the past. Blasted everyday with notifications for social media attention and messages, there is not a day that goes by we aren’t reminded about things in a visual and stimulating manner. Bringing attention to our drains with a positive and clear message, will hopefully make passerby’s think twice about throwing their trash mindlessly and polluting our environment. After all, the trash we produce doesn’t just disappear, and these newly painted signs will remind us that they end up in our oceans!

Photo credit for all three images: Erin McKenna, Key West Florida

If every town were to do this, hopefully enough awareness would spread to have long and impactful change for our future and the future of our oceans. 

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