Post Irma Story [unedited]

We wanted to remind our viewers that everyday, plastic pollution is an issue. It’s true, it is not a sexy topic, but for many of us the ocean is not near to constantly remind us of how it is doing. So Plastic Continents wants to break that “out of sight, out of mind” mentality and keep you informed that it is not just about our oceans, but its about our environment, that includes our neighborhoods, streets, parks, mountains, forests, and desserts. You can no longer go anywhere in the world without seeing a piece of debris which is usually broken down plastics, also referred to as microplastics.

It’s imperative for everyone of us, yes you too! to hear, see, and know our plastic pollution is at an all time high and that it is not too late to fix it. Let us repeat that….


No really, it isn’t. What can you do? Refuse single use plastic whenever you can.

What is single-use plastics?


-plastic bags

-plastic cups



-anything that is made out of plastic and you tend to only use once.

The issue with single use plastics, is most of the time they are used, discarded and never thought about again.

They are usually extremely easily to use, large in quantity, and easy to come by.

The main problem is that they are difficult to recycle, and last forever (Literally!)

They travel due to lightweight, get stuck in places that you generally cannot see or go to, and break down from the weather and other conditions into smaller pieces of plastics- Yup you guessed it, into Microplastics!


After knowing this, what would you do to stop the pollution of single-use plastics?

Let us know and comment below! Share the post for others to know! Don’t be afraid, it’s time to grow! We are better than living in a world suffocating in plastic!

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