Inspiring Change Through Hip Hop & Rap

Inspiring Change Through Hip Hop & Rap

By: Natacha Palay

Mr. Eco is a Musical Artist inspiring thousands of kids all over the world about the importance of littering, recycling, and the fragility of our very own ecosystem.

Through hip hop and rap, Mr. Eco, gets children from all age groups to get involved and excited about his mission: to spread awareness of our actions in our environment. With 27 songs published and recorded, each one has a music video that visually plays the words Mr. Eco has written and raps about. Titles such as Litterbug, zero waste party, meatless mondays, and sea star story, each discuss sustainable lifestyles that inspire those who listen to grasp the issue in a fun and approachable way, and provide a solution that can be easily put into place instead.


Take his song Litterbug.


Would you throw trash in your room

(no) can it

should you throw trash at your school

(no) can it

I’m bitter bout litter all across the planet

hurtin all the critters all the critters of the planet

Don’t be a litter bug

Don’t be a litter bug

Don’t be a litter bug (echo)

If you see litter (betta) pick it up

Y O U R a litter bug Throwing trash in the middle of the street.. park.. city.. beach

litter really bugs me (really)

litter – ALLY litter on the ground encourages more litter go

and put it to bed baby sitter we started it

and can end this problem all globe

trotten together harlem

All drains lead to the ocean

thats what finding Nemo told em

crying indian was no match for the pacific garbage patch


At the end of the video, Mr. Eco reveals that we are all that “litterbug”

and the only way to not be, is by picking up litter that we find, whether it may be on the side of the road or on the beach, wherever really.

Dressed in yellow with a green cape, Mr. Eco is pretty recognizable with his green E logo on the front of his yellow suit.

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