Regeno Bags

By Natacha Palay

Regeno is a company who wishes to “spearhead the mission towards regeneration.”

They believe in order to begin such a mission they had to find a solution to one of the most common polluter on the planet: Single-use Plastic Bags. Yup, the bags just about every single business in the United States or around the world hands out easily without thinking twice of where they will end up. The issue with plastic bags is we use them once, and most of the time don’t even think about recycling them. They fly out of garbage trucks, or trash cans because of their lightweight feature and end up either getting stuck in trees, side of the roads, fences, backyards, snow, rivers, gutters, oceans, and can either get ingested by animals or even humans.

As someone who grew up in the Keys, I have returned to the islands since the Hurricane Irma made its devastating presence throughout the Florida Keys. I have to be honest with you, the Post-Irma look has been described as a “war zone” and I must say I agree with it 100%. We are almost beginning December, two month after the fact, and there are still piles of debris on the side of the US1, in neighborhoods from Islandmorada all the way to Stock Island. As a resident of Sugarloaf Key, mile marker 17, a residential area with very small tourist traffic, we are completely overlooked. Illegal dumping is taking place, waste trucks driving with waste in their bins without a tarp to pin down the items, which lets the fly easily and effortlessly into the bay without any repercussions taking place. The Florida Highway Patrol cannot act on these Polluters because “if we don’t see it, its a he said she said scenario”.

My heart breaks a little bit more, each time, knowing there isn’t much we can do, for now. But my optimism was reinstalled when I came across the company of Regeno, on Instagram. I chose to immediately contact them to get more information on their product, How it was made, and get a better understanding of their business and mission.

I received a reply shortly after by one of their representative who kindly sent me some of the information I requested.

To make a long story short, their business is simple : They have managed to create carry bags that can sustainably and effectively replace single use plastic carry bags.

Regeno Bio Bags are 100% plastic free and are made entirely from vegetable starch and other natural extracts. The bags are harmless to the plants, animals and all the environment.

Plastic Continents is trying to partner with Regeno Bio Bags in order to use them as an alternatives to business who are interested in switching their single-use plastic bags to something more ecological and sustainable. On Regeno’s website you can request a sample, unfortunately they are only delivering them to people in India, for now!

For those who are interested in learning more about Regeno Bio bags, here are some of the information that was shared with Plastic Continents:


We are awaiting a reply from Cibhi, and see if we can get his company going in the United States, because this is exactly what we need!

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