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25oz Canteen Corkcicle
Information on products made by Corkcicle

Company name: Corkcicle

Product Name: 25 oz. Canteen


Packaged used plastic wraps to protect shipment. Each product arrives with a cardboard sleeve with personalized details of the items feature.

A brochure and sticker are given as well.


-Materials used

  • Steel (double-insulated) body container and top of lid
  • Plastic bottom part of lid

Brief Description:

-Durable, comfortable and easy to travel with. 25 oz. canteen does not fit in average cup size holders. Noticed to keep drink hot for 8+ hours, and cool for 6+hours. Times beyond that have not yet been conducted. Design makes the grip comfortable, natural, and sleek. Able to hold an entire wine bottle. It also can not only fit an entire 25.3fl Oz of S.Pellegrino, it can keep gas and bubbles for 8+hours.


  • recyclable
  • Multi-use
  • Replaceable/expiration: 10/17-currently on-going
  • other: Not clarified by producer. User responsibility.


Overall Plastic Quality Review:

(1>5, no plastic pollution > plastic polluter)

Plastic Continents has reviewed Corkcicle’s 25oz Canteen, as a 2 out of 5 plastic polluter.


  • Great product. Worth mentioning, and trying. Price range is $$ but fair, quality of design is excellent.

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