What ever happened to Milo Cress?

For a few months now a campaign has been going around saying…

“I Suck.” “You Suck” “We All Suck” or “Don’t Suck.” and it’s a campaign directed towards spreading awareness about the pollutions that straws cause.

It is true, straws is one of the top single-use plastics that takes part in the Plastic Pollution, and is truly detrimental to our environment.

To be Clear- Plastic Continents supports the awareness and the message of Plastic Straws are a part of the plastic pollution this campaign is promoting, but we do not completely agree on their approach and slogan choice: “Don’t Suck”.

It’s quite negative, and guilt ridden. There is a humor aspect to it, but when you put yourself in the position of someone who doesn’t see a problem, or doesn’t know there is one; coming across this message may be more adverse than successful.

So we’d like to tell you a little bit about straws, the different types and see if after reading this article, you’d choose to either refuse a plastic straw, or make the choice of purchasing an alternative straw.

Straws, straws, straws……. Perhaps we can begin by discussing: Why do people use straws?

-They’re colorful
-They make its user feel like the first sip is “a ride” or “interactive”.
-They have this cool feeling in your hand
-You have something to chew on after you’ve used it
-They make fun bubbles with the drink.
-I don’t have to touch the glass.

Now, these are just opinions on what we have noticed as reasons for why people drink with straws.

Straws aren’t the problem. On the contrary, we actually love straws, the issue we have is the plastic straws that pollute the environment, and harm not only the ecosystem, but the animals, as well.

It’s actually harder to find restaurants nowadays that do not serve Plastic straws. If you are one of those restaurants please contact us, to be featured on our website as a Eco-Friendly Establishment! You deserve to be recognized!

It is estimated that 500 million of plastic straws are used daily in the United States. 

That statistic was used in 2013! and to this day is still used(four years later)- which to be quite frank with you, Plastic Continents hasn’t been able to find real evidence on the exact number for 2017, nor have the sites who have made this statement ever posted a source for their findings. Which makes the information truly questionable, but, it is fair to assume that at this point, and in today’s age, we can all agree and it would be safe to assume that plastic straws are definitely a big part in our Plastic Pollution.

We know this to be true, from doing beach clean-ups, hiking trails, and visits that extend all the way to Thailand and Vietnam. Plastic Straws are a problem. Not only a problem, but one we will deal with considering they are extremely tough to recycle, non-biodegradable, and are mistaken as food by turtles and other sea creatures.

But to go back on the 500 Million straws, that is enough to fill over 125 school buses with straws every day. That’s 46,400 school buses every year!

So the problem plastic Straws cause on top of just being one of the Top 10 found items at a beach clean up, they come in a plastic or paper wrap=more waste. And when we use them to “protect ourselves” from sipping directly from a restaurant glass, how does the user know if the Plastic is BPA free? Phthalate-free? or even safe to  our health?

But we like straws….

Yes we do! And that’s the good news, fellow friends, eco-warriors, whomever you may be, we have a Solution that might make you be okay with giving up Plastic Straws for good.

There are Five other ways to replace plastic straws:

  1. Stainless steel
  2. Bamboo
  3. Glass
  4. Paper
  5. NONE! purse those sexy lips and drink like you were thirsty!

Too much? Or maybe not enough!

Check out these awesome businesses that specializes in making straws that are NOT PLASTIC.

U.S.A Bound

*Eco & Health Lifestyler- Stainless steel and Glass straws

*Aardvark Paper Straws- Paper straws

855.230.5281 www.aardvarkstraws.com  1430 Progress Rd, Fort Wayne, Indiana


*Simply Straws – Glass straws

simplystraws.com  1725 Monrovia Ave, Costa Mesa, California 855-787-2974


Australia Bound

Contact here to be featured.

France Bound

Contact here to be featured.

Italy Bound

Contact here to be featured.

Canada Bound

Contact here to be featured.

Bali Bound

Contact here to be featured.

Stainless steel, Bamboo, Paper, and glass straws solve the plastic straws issues…

Bamboo, stainless steel and glass straws are definitely Reusable- Easy to wash with a special long thin brush. Most purchase nowadays includes one!

Lifetime of a Stainless steel straw is … basically unbreakable and most glass straws offer lifetime free replacement!

Non toxic- No plastic = no concern about the use of unsafe chemicals

You can customize your Shape options- Have it straight, bent, swirl, short or long (small vs large glass, or kid vs. adult size), thin or wide (juice vs smoothie), glass straws can even be color personalized! How cool is that?

… and believe or not you get some benefits with using these alternative non-plastic straws:

Need a gift? Make it memorable by offering a cool set, or a personalized glass straw! It’s unusual, creative, and very unique (oh and thoughtful!)

by placing the straw in the back of your mouth, you can prevent your teeth from being stained by tea, coffee, and dare we even say wine?


Publix, Walmart, and Amazon are beginning to sell all of these alternative options for cheap! So what do you say? Are you planning a BBQ, or your child’s birthday party, or just a small bonfire gathering? In need of some straws? Be that cool host that switches things up, and leaves an impression that is truly worthy- You not only reduced your plastic footprint, you are helping spread the awareness and finding solutions to solving our plastic pollution problem.


And for that, Plastic Continents Thanks you.


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