Who is involved in Plastic Pollution Awareness?

It’s simple. When you google:

Plastic Pollution, the search finds approximately

7 750 000 results.

When you google:

Plastic Pollution Coalition,

the search finds approximately 315 000 results.

A lot of it is the same information. Which IS A FABULOUS THING! I love that in the last five years, things have become a lot more discussed, and awareness has reached numbers that keep growing every single day! Especially with facebook and instagram, everyone now, who have accounts, I’m sure has come across an ad, or an account that has discussed Plastic pollution in our oceans at least once!

The Goal of Plastic Continents, is to give you a point of departure to get involved in the conversation.

How to be plastic-free?

How to become plastic-free?

What is the Plastic Pollution all about?

Who should I donate money to?

What are the health factors / consequences associated to plastic?

These are all questions I believe a person just learning about the topic may ask.

What I have been doing is doing a lot of research, and have been trying to get in contact with those I have seen working on the same cause. Spreading awareness on the plastic pollution whether it is in the sea, rivers, or on land.

I can’t help but think, that for someone who is just beginning, the information they come across is an overload and hard to know where to even start to learn.

Hopefully on here, we will be able to regroup everyone and give you, the reader, a place to get all the answers, and solutions you hope to get from this topic.


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