I want to Be completely Plastic-Free… How?!

So that’s it! You’ve decided to take a leap…jump on the wagon…dive into a cleaner, fresher, and sweet future where your Plastic footprint is reduced and soon to be nonexistent! Welcome! Here we are proud to say #plasticfreeissexy , Truly.


The only issue now, is you’ve made the decision… so what? what now? How in the world do you make that plastic footprint nonexistent?

Well I created a 12 step list that will make you Plastic-Free Today!

All you have to do is … Read it, and give it a try! We apologize the drawing has no colors, it’s a beginning, we thought the information was worth more than spending time on our art. But don’t you worry, we will have more time later to make our presentation worth a million bucks.

Just like you, we got to start somewhere… So here we go!

The First step: The three (3) R’s.

Reduce —> Find/Buy Alternative products that do not use plastic.

Reuse —> Already have plastic? Ex: Went grocery shopping and used plastic bags? Reuse them as trash bags until they are gone! Ex: Have water bottles? Reuse them by filling them up with water a second to a third time, and then buy one glass water bottle.

Recycle —>Bottle caps, water bottles, packaging, toothbrushes, combs, balloons, plastic cutlery, etc…

Step Two: Buy products in glass. Save glass. Reuse glass!

Ex: Glass jars, glass bottles, glass containers. Glass does not leach toxins! And can be cleaned easily by hand or in your washing machine/Dishwasher!

Step Three: Buy Fresh Produce!

Step Four: Bring your own mesh bag to store them, while shopping!

Step Five: Ask for paper bags at cashier register/stand or bring your own bags or box!

Step six: Bring your own Cutlery. Silver, bamboo, metal, or whatever you use at home. (Yes, you are right, we spelled cutlery wrong… Nobody is perfect…Consider it authentic and handmade by a human being who has her blonde moments! Sorry -.- )

Step Seven: Do you buy Coffee? Try to go #Topless (lid-free).

Step Eight: Bring your own Thermos (hot and cold).

Step Nine: Invest in a filter (i.e. Brita) and stop buying water bottles!! Refill all day long with water and/or coffee! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Not only will you know your water is clean, plastic chemical free, and fresh; you will also have the luxury of feeling satisfied that you are reducing your #plasticfootprint !

Step Ten: Make your own Products! Check Here for ideas, ingredients, and step-by-step instructions on how to make products from scratch in minutes!

Step Eleven: Use Bar soap instead of liquid soap! <3 Buy locally made soap, to know the ingredients used in the process.

Step Twelve: Choose Glass or Stainless Steel containers to store food for lunches, meal preparations, or just to have in your fridge. Reuse the ones you have already to save money!

Image above was taken in France. “Ce Sac Fabrique a base de matiere vegetale * est Biodegradable et Compostable.” translates to: ” This Bag is fabricated and based on plant (vegetable) matter and is biodegradable and compostable.”

Hopefully Walmart, Publix, Winn Dixie, and other HUGE supermarkets who use Plastic bags, will consider replacing theirs with biodegradable and compostable bags like these!

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