Beach vs. Beach Plastic

What do you find when you type in the search box: Beach ?

and then a second searchwhere you add the word plastic at the end to various locations

I.e: Beach plastic ?

The first location we chose was Krabi Beach. I chose this specific beach, because. Have personally been there this past year,

And had been astonished to see the amount of pollution that came from the ocean back onto the beaches. I would wake up early in the morning, around sunrise, and would notice Thai woman and men working already, taking up piles for the tourists and hotels in order to have clean beaches for the rest of the day. I questioned if this plastic pollution came directly from the Indian Ocean and coast or not?

The second spot I chose was Mexico. Although I have personally not gone myself, I have recently noticed from a fellow instagrammer that Mexico beach was extremely polluted and was just curious to see how google would represent it with the word plastic attached to it at the end of the sentence. To no surprise, the images as a result of the second search was one that demonstrates images of Mexico beaches filled with plastic debris.

The third location is France. I simply wrote france beaches, to keep the search very broad. I wanted to see how it was represented in both cases in a general and open sense. As you can see the contrast in searches are very drastic. 


The fourth location I chose, was St. Petersburg, Tampa. This one was specific to where I am currently located. I have gone to st. Pete beach quite often and know what it looks like on a regular basis.

the fact that the first image is of someone picking up trash, is a first and made me pleasantly happy and surprised. St. Pete beach is actually very clean and I have noticed trash in its sand and seaweed, but nothing in comparison to the beaches I visited in Thailand.

The fifth location was Australia. I haven’t been to Australia,  but have notice a huge trend in instagram and awareness amongst the Aussie residents. They are truly making progress in getting things done and making noise in this discourse, and thought appropriate to make the research and have them be a part of the list. 

I think the most impressive part of this research, is how picturesque the word beach appears and how plastic is demonstrated as chaotic and invasive. The first being almost photoshopped like fashion or home decor magazines and the latter is truly in its “natural” element.



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