Proud To Introduce This Weeks Plastic Artist: Jude Edmondson!

Plastic Continents first discovered Jude Edmonson on Instagram.

Instagram username: @judeedmondsonart
Website Page:

After noticing Jude’s work, Plastic Continents was intrigued in knowing more about her work, and how she got herself involved with up-cycling and recycling plastic.

Thankfully, Jude Edmondson agreed to have an interview with Plastic Continents and was kind enough to share her story, art, and passion through a couple of questions we asked.

Enjoy <3

P.Continents: Tell us [Plastic Continents and fellow viewers] a little about yourself.
J.Edmondson: “Hello, my name is Jude Edmondson, I am currently a Decorative Arts student studying at Nottingham Trent University, specializing in Textiles. Through my work I strive to educate people about textile waste and how we can all work together to upcycle and recycle items and create a better environment for us all to live safely in. I tend to be inspired a lot by flowers and nature, as I live in the countryside, and I call myself a magpie because anything shiny and sparkly will definitely catch my eye!”

The photo above, is an image the Artist provided Plastic Continents to represent herself!

P.Continents: What do you do?
J.Edmondson: “I am a textiles student and I work a lot with found materials, such as plastic bags and old unwanted metal washers. I especially love texture and big bold patterns.”

P.Continents: When did you find out about the plastic pollution phenomenon?
J.Edmondson: “It was only recently that I fully researched into the harm that plastic pollution has done. I have always been very aware or recycling correctly, and making sure to dispose of all my waste products properly. Honestly it really takes no time at all to recycle, I don’t understand why more people don’t do it! It is very shocking to hear about how so many beaches across the world are destroyed and have been taken over by rubbish. To me the beach is one of the best places to be, and it is completely heart breaking to think that, because of all this plastic pollution, other people will not be able to enjoy their beaches.

J.Edmondson: (Image above) “6 pairs of upcycled jeans were used to create this patchwork denim jacket, as well as hand screen printed and hand cut sequins using recycled plastic folders.”

P.Continents: What do you spend most of your time on?
J.Edmondson: “I spend most of my time sewing or creating, which seems very cliché, but its true haha. I am way to much of a fidgety person to sit still for too long. I also spend a lot of time outside walking and taking photographs of flowers and nature.”

J. Edmondson: (Image below) “This jacket consists of multiple upcycled items; a fluffy jumper, a chiffon blouse, silk pajama bottoms, curtain hoops and ribbon.”

J. Edmondson: (Image below) “Eleven different coloured yarns were knitted together to create the chunky arms and bottom section of this jacket. The top section of the jacket uses my initial inspiration: flowers. The fake flowers are sandwiched in between two layers of sparkly vinyl.”

P.Continents: If you could give advice to those who are unaware of the plastic pollution problem we face today, what would you say?
J.Edmondson: “The plastic pollution problem is very serious and is only getting worse. It would be amazing if people all came together and cleared the polluted beaches and towns. Even if this only means picking a few things up, every little bit helps.”

J. Edmondson: (Image below) “This jacket was created completely out of knitted plastic bags. Lilac, pink and white. This is a close up of the shoulder and sleeve detail. The ‘bows’ are knots where the plastic bags have been attached to each other.”

Image above is a detail shot of Image below

P.Continents: How did you start working with plastic?
J.Edmondson: “I started working with plastic recently, I created a collection of bespoke textured jackets using 100% upcycled materials. One of the jackets was created fully out of knitted plastic bags. This was actually really exciting to make, I love working with crazy objects as I feel it gets your creative juices flowing even more and gets your brain working extra hard.”

P.Continents: Why the specifically plastic?
J.Edmondson: “The reason I started to work with plastic is to really spread awareness of the negative effects it has once it is littered and left to pollute the environment. I wanted to show that by upcycling unwanted materials, something crazy and creative can be made. I’m sure everyone has a bag at home that is full of plastic bags, why not make something out of them?”

J. Edmondson: (Image below) “For this jacket over forty upcycled t-shirts were knotted onto a base fabric.”

J. Edmondson: “To break the volume of the jacket up a little bit, Weaving was used on sections of the sleeves using the same t-shirts.”

P.Continents: What do you think we could do better or differently, when it comes to using plastic?
J.Edmondson: “I definitely think people need to take advantage of the recycling bins made available to them. I feel like there needs to be more awareness spread and education towards the plastic pollution problem to ensure that people are completely knowledgeable about what is going on.”

J. Edmondson: (Image below) “This jacket uses a pink floral table cloth as its base. The bottom panel uses vertical lines of white upcyled t-shirts to create volume. Metal washers and knotted yarn is used to decorate the sleeves.”

P.Continents: How do you stay positive on what can be seen as a grim topic?
J.Edmondson: “I feel like there is a good side to everything, even if it takes time to find it. If you dwell on the dark side of everything, nothing will get done. We need to look at this problem as something that can be solved if we all come together to help clear the pollution.”

J.Edmondson: (Image above) “A bed throw created using screen printing on the back and front. The design is a gold metallic hexagon design with a bee motif on top in black. Some of the bees have been embroidered with gold thread and handmade black and gold tassels were added to the bottom and top of the throw.”

J.Edmondson: (Image above) “This is a denim jacket I upcycled by hand embroidering this floral deer skull design onto the back of it.”


P.Continents: Any other comment you wish to share with us and our readers would be welcomed!
J.Edmondson: “The jacket collection shown above was initially inspired by flowers. I used the same colour theme all the way through the collection to tie it together in some way (gray, white, pink, purple and blue) I really wanted to play with texture and push myself to use unusual objects and to use a lot of upcycled materials. Through the making process I really learned a lot about ocean pollution and the plastic pollution problem, also about how much textile waste the world is producing. I am using my knowledge to educate others about where their waste goes and the changes we can all make to make our planet a much cleaner, and a safer place. Using upcycled and found objects really showed me that something high fashion and creative can be made when you put all of your effort into it! I hope that I encourage others to try upcycling projects for themselves!”

P.Continents: What are your goals for the next year? or three to five?
J.Edmondson: “Next year I hope to graduate from University. After this I hope to secure a job or internship with a big design company. (fingers crossed) I also really hope to keep educating people on how to dispose of waste properly. I am going to keep researching the best ways to do this. The world has developed so much now to the point where we have recycling bins especially for shoes and clothes, and recycling bins for plastic and cans. These should be used.”


Thank you Jude Edmondson, we wish you the best of luck with your Art, career, and future! You are someone we admire, and cannot wait to see what you do with your brilliant and creative ways to spread awareness about the Problems we face with Plastic Pollution!

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