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You might wonder:

“Why should I donate?” or “Why should I donate with Plastic Continents?”

Well let me tell you why you should donate here, instead of all the other nonprofits, organization, charities, groups, and clubs out there.

Plastic Continents believes in a couple of things.

First: our mission and vision.

Mission: Plastic Continents inspires, equips and mobilizes people to take action that changes the world to become plastic-free

Vision: Plastic Continents vision is that one day every person will discover the power they hold when they choose to purchase a product and how it impacts our environment. 

Second: 100% transparency.

Which means, you donate, and you know where the money goes. I will, through newsletters, and updates on the site, let you know where the funds are spent.


As of right now, I, Natacha Palay, am Plastic Continents, and Plastic Continents is Natacha Palay.

I have been working on this project since 2012. I have dedicated years of research (easily over +500 hrs) in the last  five years, been awarded, recognized, and published for my research, and art involving plastic continents.

When I walk, I pick up plastic debris on the ground.

I advocate and educate others on the plastic pollution phenomenon, every day. Whether it’s online, face to face, or while I travel.

It has become a lifestyle and now, recently a career choice.

If my dedication, time, efforts, and accomplishments are not worth a donation from you, then, stay tuned, and do not dismiss me just yet….one day I am sure, I will persuade you, that my work will deserve your support.

my future goals are as follows:

-Organize a march June 1st, 2nd, and 3rd to spread awareness on plastic pollution around the world.

-Create Merchandise to spread awareness; such as tote bags to shop with, in order to reduce the use of plastic bags, tshirts, and stickers.

-Give out bags to customers as they enter supermarkets, such as Walmart, publix, Winn-Dixie, and cvs, for a donation of their choosing.

-Create tshirts with original designs that will promote plastic pollution awareness.

-Start working with local organizations and help promote their work as well.

-Volunteer my time to pick up plastic trash.

-Have monthly Coastal Beach Cleanups.

-create projects like local beach clean-ups to educate plastic pollution problems.

-Inspire change to become plastic-free

-connect with the organizations around the world to work together; we are stronger in larger numbers!

-publish those who are for the cause and promote their hard work!

-And many more!

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