Asking Jeff Bezos To Consider Plastic Continents as his “Long-Term Investment”

On June 15th, 2017, Jeff Bezos tweeted the following:

A request of the next idea to he could invest in long-term.

A dream for plastic continents, is to find solutions for plastic to stop entering and polluting our oceans & environment. So Plastic Continents suggested Jeff Bezos to integrate recycling in product design. Find a way for Amazon to create a sort of ‘Amazon Recycle Company’ that would collect the plastic and either recycle the packaging for future use, or find ways to turn it into oil, or into another useful resource.

I strongly believe, that now more than ever, is the time to invest in our ocean’s ecological system for a thriving future; If we have a healthy, clean, and happy ocean, would give us a chance to begin in  understanding all of its abundant natural resources it has to offer and allocate them in a natural manner. Can you image a more clean and natural source of energy? food distributor? and medicinal dispenser?

It would be a shame for us, humans, to not even tap into something we were given and brought up with.

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