Portlandia Tv Series mentions Portland Plastic Ban!

The topic is getting HOT HOT HOT!


Even Portlandia, a T.V. series that started in 2011, with now 3 seasons, and features actors, singers, athletes, and world-renown figures such as Carrie Brownstein, the former Saturday Night Live cast member Fred Armisen, Aimee Mann, Selma Blair, and many more, have decided to make a couple of episodes about the ban of plastic bags in Portland!

This television series is satirical sketch comedy show, set and filmed in and around … You guessed it~ Portland, Oregon; 

The City of Portland’s website says:

“Plastic grocery and shopping bags may offer short-term convenience, but they have long-term costs. Not only do single-use bags require resources such as petroleum and natural gas to manufacture, their disposal presents a number of problems as well.


Why is the City of Portland expanding the ban on plastic bags?


Well because plastic bags are extremely lightweight and can act like balloons blowing out of garbage trucks and landfills. These flyaway bags litter our parks and trees, enter storm drains and can eventually end up in rivers and oceans where they break into small, toxic pieces.  Plastics have found their way into all five of the world’s major ocean current systems and are one of the most common types of litter found in Portland’s rivers and on Oregon’s beaches. Sea animals often mistake plastic particles for food, causing harm to the animals and potentially affecting the seafood we eat.


Paper bags will still be available at the checkout. But paper bags still require natural resources to make. An even better option is to invest those natural resources in into something that can be used over and over again—like a reusable bag!”

Here are three clips of when this topic takes place!

1.)   Season 2-Ban the Plastic Bags Portlandia

2.)  No Plastic Bags! Portlandia

3.)  Portlandia-Portland Bans Plastic Bags


Even The Oregonian Mentions this movement Portland did!

“The Portland City Council in 2012 greatly expanded the city’s 1-year-old ban on plastic bags at big-box stores and supermarkets, voting 5-0 to phase out plastic checkout bags at an estimated 5,000 restaurants and retailers, including food carts, farmers markets and corner stores.

Portland’s 2011 rule affected fewer than 200 businesses. The new rules, which take effect next year, will be a lot harder for residents and visitors to avoid.

The regulations kick in for big retailers March 1 and will cover all other Portland businesses as of Oct. 1.”

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