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Myth of Biodegradibility

Over the past quarter century the idea of green business has expanded from a fringe group of hippie capitalists trying to increase environmental consciousness to mainstream corporations trying to establish a global standard for sustainable business. Today, most major companies have social responsibility departments, and moving to greener practices is a priority. Frankly, it’s one…

What is Plastic?

So … What IS plastic exactly?   Well it’s not THAT complicated, the basics are pretty straightforward. Imagine yourself a sophomore in high school, sitting in Chemistry learning about atoms (the basic unit of a chemical element)and molecules (groups of atoms bonded together). A group of atoms create a molecule. Too complicated all ready? click here!…

Recycling Bioplastics

Bio-based, or plant-derivative plastics, in theory seem like the best idea since sliced bread. Bioplastics are used to create (and replace) products typically made from natural gas or petroleum. They are biopolymers, derived from renewable biomass sources such as corn starch or vegetable oil. Polyactic acid (PLA) is one form of bioplastic, produced from glucose….