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How much oil is used to make plastic?

  According to the EIA In the United States, plastics are made from liquid petroleum gases (LPG), natural gas liquids (NGL), and natural gas. LPG are by-products of petroleum refining, and NGL are removed from natural gas before it enters transmission pipelines. In 2010, about 191 million barrels of LPG and NGL were used in…

Why are Plastic Bags Bad for the Environment?

Wildlife mistake plastic, plastic debris, etc… for food, choke, and die. they don’t break down in landfills they add to our demand for oil China’s Bag Ban Saved 1.6 Million Tons of Oil # of Plastic Made/Year > # of Plastic Bags being recycled 90 percent of plastic bags in the U.S. are not recycled. They take…

How Many Countries and Cities Have Banned Plastic Bags?

The following list is made up of all the countries whom have banned Plastic bags. *OB=Outright Ban 1.Germany South Africa, (OB) 2,Italy, (OB 2010) 3.Australia, (OB in supermarkets 2008) 4.India, (OB in area’s including Mumbai) 5.Somalia, (OB) 6.Botswana, (OB) 7.Philippines, (OB, coming soon) 8.Uganda, (OB) 9.Kenya, (OB) 10.Japan 11.Turkey 12.Zanzibar, (OB) 13.Eritrea, (OB) 14.Ethiopia, (OB) 15.Papua…


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Why I Care

Before… I go all research-based on you guys, I’d like to let you know Plastic Continents was not created to change you, who you are, or what you believe.  On the contrary!  Plastic Continents is something I came up with originally when I was asked my second year of college, a pre-med student then,  “where do you see yourself in…

7 Types

  According to the EPA (The United States Environmental Protection Agency): *Americans generated 31 million tons of plastics in 2010, about 12 percent of the waste stream. *Only eight percent of plastics were recycled in 2010. Want to See What Kind of Objects belong to what number? Click here Please follow,like us, and share: