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Today, June 16th, 2012 marks the Official Founded Date of Plastic Continents.

Thank you for the support, visits, donations, and likes! You’re curiosity is what makes this all worthwhile!

Time for a difference.

What is Plastic Continents?

Presenting Plastic Nature at the Undergraduate Research Colloquium

(Presenting Plastic Nature at the Undergraduate Research Colloquium)

Plastic Continents was awarded as 2014 Undergraduate Research Project, “Plastic Nature”, by the University of South Florida, Tampa. The project was an interactive Art Sculpture. The piece was meant to demonstrate the type of relationship we may form with the beach, and can reflect some patterns in plastic littering. Plastic Nature was a part of Plastic Continents- a non for profit organization that was created to provide factual, and international, information on our current plastic pollution. It is also part of sharing with donors Monthly newsletters, recipes, alternative solutions and products that help reduce our plastic footprint. Plastic Continents is trying to also Connect with other organizations, restaurants, and businesses that make their work with a low to nonexistent plastic in all countries. Please don’t hesitate in contacting us!

The Three R’s




are the first three steps in taking a part of reducing your Plastic Footprint.


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