What’s all this Plastic Talk Really all about?


This is what a clean ocean looks like.

Let’s keep it that way!

Who am I?

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Hi! Welcome to my site! Now I know what you are thinking… what makes this website different from the other websites on plastics? Well give me 3 minutes, and I’m sure I can make you understand.

My name is Natacha Palay, I am now 23 years old, and originally born in Paris, France. I moved to Key West, Florida at the age of 10 years old. Living in the Keys made caring about the ocean and its’ sea life easy. As a 17 year old freshman collegiate student, I was asked to create a project that would be educational. Little did I know this would become a passion of mine and a new dedication in being part of  spreading the awareness and creating solutions about this plastic phenomenon.

Have I gotten your attention so far?

If so, let me continue by explaining to you what the plastic phenomenon is really all about.

Contact to join and expand the Crew.

“Taking action in the future will be too late,

it’s now things must change and get resolved.